We Love Equity Real Estate Show: How To Raise Private Capital From Your Network with Simple Conversations

by | Nov 10, 2022 | Media Feature | 0 comments

From MD to Entrepreneur. on the show, we have our special guest,  Pranay Parikh, a medical doctor, serial entrepreneur, and podcast host. His unconventional journey to medicine helped him learn the skills to excel in entrepreneurship and real estate.

Over the past 16 months, he bought over $200 million in real estate and helped 100s of others invest in real estate without being a landlord. Let’s reveal his strategies and listen to the full episode on how he made everything possible to raise capital from networking and with just a simple conversation. Pick up his brain, tune in and enjoy!


Episode Highlights:

3:58 Pranay’s first foray into real estate.

5:36 How Pranay get started in real estate and the details of his first four units.

8:33 Key things you must be considered when getting your first real estate deal/property.

6:52 Importance of having someone with experience when getting your first property.

11:06 Advantage of having a Property manager.

12:10 Leverage your network.

13:43 Best time to close your deal.

15:19 Prepare now for the scale later.

16:54 Strategy on getting rents up to market standards.

21:13  How to gain more passive income.

22:00 Details on Ascent Equity Group

23:37 Raising capital— a simple scenario & key things you need to consider.

28:27 What is the holding period of the property?





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