Ascent Tierra Santa Deal

Investment Highlights

Ascent is proud to present its next syndication deal. It is a value-add multifamily deal in Phoenix with Tides Equity. The deal has an estimated net IRR of 18-19% and EM of 1.65 after a three-year hold. They will be utilizing tax strategies to decrease the tax burden of investors. Ascent investors will also get to share in additional returns typically reserved only for the sponsors.

The deal is with a great sponsor that Ascent has worked with in the past: Tides Equity. Tides has 24 full cycles in Phoenix alone which means they’ve bought, renovated, and sold 24 properties in Phoenix! Most sponsors rarely have done this across their portfolio and Tides has done this in the Phoenix market alone. They are also the biggest buyer in the market so they get the best terms and are offered deals first and foremost.

This deal with Tides Equity is a joint venture with Ascent. That means that Ascent will have decision rights (like you would on active real estate) and Ascent investors will get to share in a larger part of the returns.

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