Our very own Dr. Pranay Parikh was featured in the “Real Syndication Show.” Here is the summary of the podcast episode:

“It is interesting to realize how people can be great at something they are not working full time at. Pranay Parikh’s unconventional journey to medicine helped him learn the skills to excel in entrepreneurship and real estate. ​​In today’s episode, be inspired by how he helped people launch seven-figure online courses, buy over $150 million in real estate, and helped hundreds of physicians launch their businesses.

He also shares with us what power you hold when you have the ability to talk to people, the deals he’s constantly been on, and what he does to grow them. What’s more inspiring is that we do not have to be great at everything. We just have to find where we are good at and improve from that. Seek your inner self and listen there!”

Key points from this episode:

Pranay shares how to be smart about your money.
Why Pranay pursued real estate; Why not be a doctor?
Pranay shares his techniques on how to let the scale grow faster.
How did Pranay start his brand?  
How to juggle different things while working full-time as a doctor?
Pranay shares techniques on how to be better at your decisions in making 4 unit to 150 million investments in real estate.
Pranay speaks about the power of talking to people.
Pranay shares about what types of deals he has been doing and how it is growing. What would you do differently on your first deal?  
Pranay explains agency debt and the debt market.
What are the challenges that we could be facing in the business?



“It’s funny that they say you’re an overnight success, but it takes 10 years into making.” — Pranay Parikh

“And what we tell people is that real estate gets you. It gets you freedom and not freedom from medicine, but freedom to practice medicine in the way you want.” — Pranay Parikh

“You can find time.”— Pranay Parikh

“It’s like doing what nobody else does now, so you can do what nobody else can do later.” — Dave Ramsey

“ And also when you’re working on something that’s exciting and different from your day job, even though it’s more work, it’s invigorating. “ — Pranay Parikh


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