“I am invigorated after hearing fellow physicians who have successfully established multiple
streams of passive income.”
-Dr. Girish Hiremath, SUMMIT Attendee in 2020


Find out exactly how to easily take back control of your personal time, professional autonomy, and financial future… NOW

March 22-28, 2021    |  

100% Virtual

Your Host:

Dr. Peter Kim, Founder & CEO of Passive Income M.D.

  • Receive expert mentorship from doctors who are practicing (and living) on their own term
  • Take advantage of the same wealth-building secrets that modern docs are using to thrive in any economy
  • Build new relationships in a world-class network of friendly medical pros
  • Discover how to leverage your medical degree to grow your income
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If you’ve ever been curious about what it REALLY takes to build multiple streams of income OUTSIDE of clinical medicine…
Then this might be the most important event you’ll ever attend!

If you’ve ever thought to yourself:

“Medicine isn’t as secure as I thought it’d be…”

“How can I leverage what I know for more income?”

“I don’t want to be just a doctor…”

“I wonder what other physicians are doing to create income…?”

“I need a side hustle or side gig… but how would I manage that with my existing schedule?”


You are Not Alone – Welcome to the Movement

Unfortunately, 2020 revealed what many of us didn’t want to admit: Job security in medicine is a myth… So, don’t wait to secure the financial future that you and your family deserve… 


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 Catch More of the Same Excitement From Last Year’s Event

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Meet Your Host, Dr. Peter KIm

What started as a small blog to share my personal journey of financial freedom soon turned into a huge movement of physicians from all across the world.

Passive Income M.D. now attracts tens of thousands of monthly website visitors who want to become financially free from medicine AND start enjoying a more comfortable lifestyle with their families.

I’m proud to say we’ve shown thousands of doctors how to take control of their income & practice medicine on their own terms.

And when you join us for the 2021 Leverage & Growth Virtual Summit, you’re going to get the #1 thing that helped me: Expert mentorship from other doctors who successfully created multiple streams of income.

So whether you’re looking to take your first step… or your final step… toward financial freedom…

This event is an incredible opportunity to discover how to create multiple streams of income (and how to avoid critical financial mistakes) in 2021 & beyond.

This could be the moment that changes everything for you.

I’ll see you there!


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Dr. Peter Kim


*Free & VIP Attendance Options Available

Health + Wealth : Hear From Our  Expert Speakers

This isn’t just about great ideas… This is about getting actionable, step-by-step advice form doctors who have “been there and done that.”

(Name, Credentials, Mini-Bio, Title of Talk)

(Name, Credentials, Mini-Bio, Title of Talk)

(Name, Credentials, Mini-Bio, Title of Talk)

 PLUS So Many More Talks That Explore New Opportunities in:

Real Estate

Online Brands




Social Media

Brand Partnership


Venture Capital


Product Creation

 Join a REAL Community of Like-Minded, Action-Taking Doctors   

These days, it seems like anyone can throw a social media group together and call it a “community” but — we really mean it.

When you join us for the summit, you’re joining a network of doctors who understands your challenges and care about your long-term success. 

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See you on the inside!

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 You Have Questions?  We Have Answers

“What if I’m not available to attend during the event?”


No problem! When you upgrade to become a VIP member, you’ll get access to all of the recording for life… AND written transcripts, and mp3 file downloads, exclusive Q&A sessions with select speakers. Plus, you’ll still get access to the private Facebook groups — whether or not you choose to upgrade.


“Is this good for people who are only just starting their financial education?”


Absolutely! Whether you’re just getting started… or you’re a financial guru… there’s something for everyone at the summit.


“How much does it cost to attend the virtual summit?”


We like to think of it more as an INVESTMENT rather than a cost, but the basic level of access is FREE! There will also be a paid option to upgrade to VIP status for exclusive access to recordings and bonus content. The only REAL cost is the cost of INACTION.


“What if I’m too busy to pursue other sources of income?”


I’ve been there… Sometimes, it can feel overwhelming to think about entrepreneurial pursuits  when you’re busy juggling the normal demands of “doctor life.” 


That’s why the valuable information revealed in this summit is specifically designed to show you how to create more time in your life. And if you’re anything like me, creating new opportunities will give you a newfound passion and energy that will fuel your financial freedom & allow you to show up for your loved ones. If you’re ready… I’m ready to help. – Peter

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