Hearing about syndications but don’t know if you’re eligible?

You’ll hear the term “accredited” thrown around in the investing space and it’s critical to know if you are or aren’t. In the next few minutes, you’ll know exactly how to find out, how to get verified, and why it’s a legal nightmare if you don’t do this step correctly.

Certain deals are only available to accredited investors, make sure you don’t waste your time or money on a deal that you might not be eligible for. Read on to find out now.

Firstly, an accredited investor is someone who makes $200k each year or $300 married filing jointly, or has a net worth over $1M excluding your primary home. Simple enough right? If your situation is nuanced, you may need to ask your CPA if you’re accredited or not. But regardless, you will need a verification letter from your CPA or a third-party company that offers that service to prove that you are in fact accredited.

However, to make this really easy and free for you, I’ve attached a pdf here with the two-sentence email you can copy and paste to send to your CPA right now to get your accreditation letter for free. There’s no opt-in for this, you don’t need to share your email address with me, I just want to help you get this done as easily as possible.

The reason this accreditation step is so important is because syndication real estate deals are regulated by the SEC and if a deal is certified as 506c, which typically the best deals are, it can be offered to accredited investors ONLY, if a non-accredited investor joins that deal, the individual, and the company can get sued and the entire deal will dissolve, potentially risking every investors money.

I’m sharing this information with you because here at Ascent Equity Group, we solely offer accredited investor deals. I’m Dr. Pranay Parikh, one of the founders at Ascent alongside two other fellow Physicians my partners Mith and Peter. We actually started this company as an educational platform, teaching our peers and colleagues how to invest in syndications themselves and eventually grew to the point where it just made sense to bring the deals directly to them. Because of this we appeal to a lot of early-stage or brand-new investors which is why we keep our minimum investment at just $35,000 compared to most firms that have a minimum of $50-$100k per deal, which inherently helps minimize the risk of our deals.

So now you know if you’re accredited or not, how to get verified, and why this step is so important. This is part of an educational series so be sure to subscribe and follow along to learn more, see you next time.

Here’s the email to send your CPA along with the downloadable PDF verification letter for free and easy accreditation:

Hi ____,


Hope you’re doing well, I’m considering investing in a 506c deal and need to submit an accreditation verification from my CPA. I’ve attached the document here, could you please fill this out and send it back to me sometime in the next week?


Thanks so much!

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