Physicians Beyond Bedside: From MD to Entrepreneur

by | Nov 12, 2022 | Media Feature | 0 comments

Last November 11th our very own Pranay Parikh, MD, a full-time physician, Co-Founder and President of Ascent Equity Group, online course creator, and host of the From MD to Entrepreneur Podcast  was featured in Physicians Beyond the Bedside Podcast. He shares how he practices medicine on his own terms and helps physicians to build generational wealth.

“Just get started and if something sounds interesting, go for it. Do not feel any worry or shame in trying to pivot as an entrepreneur.”

Episode Highlights:

  • Pranay realized very early in his career that he had a need to diversify his income in order to realize his goals and aspirations.
  • Why it’s important to have a side hustle despite having a high-paying job.
  • How he splits his time between nocturnist hospitalist work and real estate investing.
  • His partnership with Peter Kim, MD, in real estate as a source of financial freedom.
  • Pranay shares his passion for hosting the From MD to Entrepreneur podcast.




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