Dr. Pranay Parikh was featured in “Passive Wealth Strategies for Busy Professionals.” Here is the summary of the podcast episode:

Pranay Parikh is a Physician, investor, and entrepreneur. Pranay has a passion for helping other doctors reach financial independence and do more of what they love. He is obsessed with becoming the best version of himself whether it be in business, education, fitness, marriage, or family. Now Pranay seeks to teach others so they can skip all the missteps and struggles he had to go through.

Getting to know Pranay:

  • Pranay talks about his background as a medical practitioner and commercial real estate investor
  • Why Pranay chose commercial real estate
  • Effect of COVID on commercial real estate market
  • Pranay talks about his approach to passive investment in real estate

Looking for Sponsors:

  • Pranay talks about key strategies when looking for sponsors
  • Evaluating a sponsor’s track record and reputation

Make Time for Real Estate Investing:

  • Finding the time to meet sponsors and evaluate the deals and markets
  • The value of time
  • Pranay talks about Outsourcing
    • The benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant
  • Aspects of hiring a Virtual Assistant
  • Creating his platform
    • The Concierge VA

Closing Segment:

  • Quick break for our sponsors
  • What is the best investment you’ve ever made other than your education?
    • My relationships
  • What is the worst investment you ever made?
    • Investing in student housing and 24-hour fitness
  • What is the most important lesson that you’ve learned in business and investing?
    • Value your time
  • Connect with Pranay. See the links below.

Resources Mentioned:



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