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Accelerate Learning:

The fastest way to learn a topic is to learn from someone like you who is where you want to be. Learn from our wins and, just as importantly, our mistakes to shorten your path to success. Knowing what we know now, we could have saved ourselves years of pain and headaches and will help you shortcut the learning curve.

Thoughtful Investing

As Physicians, we’ve chosen a life of service, and that doesn’t stop because we’re operating in a different industry. It’s because you don’t want to be a “slumlord” that you should extend in real estate. The people who are the most conscious about being “bad” at something are usually the best.

Rapid ROI

We aim to get you into a deal within a year using our proven and practiced strategies. If you successfully complete all the steps and aren’t in a deal after a year, we’ll continue working with you until you are. 

Community Collaboration

Connect with like-minded medical professionals, share deals, insights, and takeaways, and build lasting partnerships. This is a carefully curated group of individuals, we meet with each person to ensure they’re the right fit before completing their enrollment.

When you become a GP ➡️ You magnify your opportunities, retirement, time freedom, and flexibility now by controlling  institutional-level deals.

What’s Included?

Six-Month Mastermind

Guided learning with practical implementation for busy medical professionals.

Done For You Deliverables

We’ll handle the tech and most common obstacles so that you can focus on your success. You’ll receive a professional brand kit, a fully built website, email templates, social media content, and more!

Meaningful Networking

Connect with sponsors and fellow investors in our ambitious community.

Bonuses include time management, productivity, tax consulting, legal experts, media training, and cybersecurity.

Be the medical professional / Investor you aspire to be!

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