Doctors: if you’re ready for the next chapter of your life, this one’s for you…

What if you could build your medical career around your life instead of building your life around your medical career? Limiting your shifts, starting a private practice, taking vacations without worrying about loss of income – all these things take one thing: money.

This week, join me and my guest, investor, serial entrepreneur, an all-star strategic consultant (and yes, ALSO a doctor), Dr. Pranay Parikh, to talk about taking the leap from doctor to entrepreneur. We’ll talk about letting go of perfectionism and learning to take risks. We’ll talk about finding the mentors and community to help support you in your journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur. And we’ll talk about that elusive secret ingredient: confidence.

Remember this: the qualities that make you a good doctor are ALSO the same qualities that will make you a great entrepreneur. You’re good at learning new things. You can talk to people. You’re resilient. You know how to negotiate. Tune in this week to learn how to build a sustainable medical career while also developing passive income streams. You’ve got this!

“Courage is not the absence of fear. It’s acting despite fear.”

– Dr. Pranay Parikh


Episode Highlights:

– Why it’s a good idea to have revenue streams outside of medicine.

– It’s not about quitting medicine; it’s about building a sustainable medical career.

– Why do doctors sometimes struggle with entrepreneurship? It goes back to our training and the willingness to take risks.

– Perfectionism gets in the way. We get “analysis paralysis.”

– It’s the setbacks that give you a chance to find the right solution.

– The most important thing is to get help. Find mentors. Build a community.

– Version One is better than Version None.

– Leverage your skills as a doctor to create passive income.


resources mentioned:

– Ascent Equity Group


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