A few days ago, we wrapped up an exciting week at PIMDCON, short for “The Physician Real Estate and Entrepreneurship Conference.” Ascent Equity Group, your trusted resource for passive real estate investing and financial education, was proud to be part of this event.

Hosted by Ascent’s CEO, Dr. Peter Kim, PIMDCON had a clear focus: empowering medical professionals to secure additional financial support passively. Our goal was to help them thrive not only in their careers but also in their personal lives. When we make financial decisions from a place of security and abundance, we can all flourish.

If you missed joining us this time, don’t worry. We’ll be sharing some highlights and behind-the-scenes moments from PIMDCON on our Instagram. You can still access the conference virtually by grabbing a ticket. Stay tuned for valuable insights and inspiration from this fantastic event!


Ascent’s State of the Market Update

The Federal Reserve’s decision not to raise interest rates this time around is a notable development. Currently, the rate hovers between 5.25% to 5.5%. The approach of gradual rate hikes is designed to achieve a “soft landing” in the economy, aiming to reduce inflation without causing a significant spike in unemployment. We anticipate this rate to remain relatively stable throughout 2024 and hope for a drop in 2025. Fingers crossed for a sooner decrease!

Company Update

Our focus right now is making sure we’re physically visiting all of our properties. Being closely involved with our property managers is crucial to optimizing their value and addressing any challenges they may face. Adaptation is key, and we’re always open to trying new approaches to enhance our investments.

Deal Update

We’re expanding our asset classes! After hearing from many of you who want to diversify beyond apartment complexes, we’re exploring a new asset class: medical offices. We’re also looking into distressed notes, seeking opportunities where banks are selling loans for less than their original values.

What we’re up to!

Our “Passive Real Estate Academy” (PREA) is reopening soon! PREA offers comprehensive training and is updated to keep content timely and relevant. As a student, you’ll have lifetime access to all updates.

But that’s not all! Pranay is launching his own course, focusing on an essential topic: How to avoid burnout, achieve more in life, and create systems that support your goals. Join his free class, “The Ultimate Guide to Finding What You Want in Life and Building the Systems to Get It.”  simply click here to add your name to the list. 

Education Corner:  As most of you know, Ascent started from a place of education, and we want to continue that practice here in our regular newsletter.

Did you know?

Today’s term: “Cash Flow.” It’s the net income from a property after deducting all expenses. Cash flow is the lifeblood of real estate investments and a vital indicator of a property’s financial health. It creates distributions, which we aim to provide to our investors regularly.

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