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We approach investing the same way as Medicine; with unwavering integrity.

Welcome to Ascent Equity, the Syndicator Founded and Run by Three Physician Fathers. We’re for the sophisticated investor expanding into alternative investments and looking for the right partner to help grow their long-term wealth.

When we realized how little control we had over our time and finances as physicians, we explored the most stable investment out there – Real Estate.

When you invest with Ascent, you become our Partner. Same as we strive to serve our patients, communities, and families, we work hard to serve our partners. for you.

We relentlessly pursue optimal deals, so that you can enjoy life how you choose while
creating lasting wealth.

Who you choose to invest with matters just as much, if not more, than the deals themselves.

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This isn’t run-of-the-mill real estate investing that you may have tried before. You won’t be a landlord, take on all the risk, or be called in the middle of the night if something breaks. 

With Ascent, you gain access to unmatched, exclusive investment opportunities. 

We only work with best-in-class syndication operators with impressive, tenured track records that provide impressive returns – and it’s entirely passive to you.  

You get all the benefits of those big real estate deals, without taking on a second career in real estate. 

According to our CPA, Lawyers, and Asset Management Team – Our approach is unique. We prioritize our partners above all else, we know that our success is intertwined with yours. We’re dedicated to safeguarding your investments and maintaining your trust, even if it means facing challenges and personal risks.


Accountability and resilience are at the core of our values. We’re in this for the long term, committed to continually improving and delivering on our promises. We started Ascent to help our peers gain more flexibility, options, and control over their lives, and have already paid out millions in distributions in just a few short years.

900+ Investors | $5M+ Distributions | Exclusive Multi-Family Syndication Opportunities

We’re not just raising capital. We are co-sponsors (co-gps, joint ventures) for each deal we do with Major Decision Rights, the same level that large institutions demand for their deals. Additionally, we have our own full asset management team that is hands-on with all our properties and we have the majority skin-in-the-game in our deals.

How it Works

Step 1 – Join

Join the Ascent Investor Network, a community of doctors creating generational wealth.

Step 2 – Learn

Access valuable resources to help you build your desired legacy.

Step 3 – Invest

Invest passively in commercial real estate syndications.

Step 4 – Enjoy

With every investment, you’re building your family’s legacy.


“Syndications were the right bled of hands off and feeling close enough to the investment…I chose Ascent because I like the fact that you all have done it so many times, have personal experience with it, are all physicians, and are all really bright people… you always said that you want the interests to be aligned and I felt that was really good…felt good about the people running the company…Honestly it just felt different, the personal touch at
Ascent is just different.”


“It’s been about a year since I first started looking at this and I’ve + joined, did a lot of due diligence and I’ve joined a few of those syndications, and I’ve been so happy since then.

I’m involved in this much more than I thought I would ever be. And I put about 10% of my portfolio into it, and I plan to do a little bit more. And I have two adult children and I got them involved too. They’re not physicians, but they’re other professionals. One is a lawyer and one an engineer.

And they’re all adding, you know, they’re all so hungry for this information and I’m so proud that we’re all in this together. And Peter, Mith and Pranay were instrumental in getting me involved.

Thank you so much to the Ascent Group.”


‘The distributions are coming regularly, some quarterly, some monthly, but very reliable. And they’re great about doing the office hours, giving you updates, sending you emails. You can ask them about how the properties are doing when you hear about, whether, fiascos like flooding in Dallas or things like that.

But, they’re usually pretty reachable either by office hours or by email for sure. And it’s nice to have that reassurance when you’ve invested to know they’re not just disappearing, but they’re still there to reassure you, to update you on how your investments going, and it gives you more confidence to invest with them again..”


“We trust the team. We’ve been working with Peter, Pranay, and Mith for a couple of years and we love the team effort that theyhave created
for us the community in medicine.

Mith is the numbers guy. Pranay is definitely the teacher and Peter
just orchestrates it all together.

This is really a partnership.”


“I’m a senior manager at a technology company and discovered Ascent through Passive Real Estate Academy. The benefits of investing in Ascent’s deals are access to the team, shorter hold periods, and lower minimum investment amounts


“I’m an Emergency Medicine Physician, and I’m always interested in how I can leverage my capital to make outstanding returns. I’m so happy to partner with Ascent Equity Group. They are so approachable and their communication is great, and they make you so comfortable when you invest with them because they are experts in their field.

I learned all about multifamily investing and never knew how to take the jump. But after learning to speak the language and talking to multiple syndicators, you start comparing apples to apples and there is no one that compared.

The amount of deals that come across their table…they are so selective in being sure that they have the best of the best and partner with the best operators to develop outstanding returns for their investor base. And you know, when we come to the table, they are able to bring us customer returns that are not available in the marketplace. If you get a seat at their table, they’re able to take your returns to the next level.


“It has been great and easy working with Ascent. Ascent has been my first investment experience and it surely is a great one. The team provides regular updates and responds to emails and questions appropriately.


“It has been great and easy working with Ascent. Ascent has been my first investment experience and it surely is a great one. The team provides regular updates and responds to emails and questions appropriately.


“Ascent has been a stellar group from day one! Great opportunities, great market analysis, fantastic education! Regular communication. I will continue to invest with them!


“Ascent is the best in the business. I was new to real estate investing. Their education component is top notch. They invest along side me and I have always felt our interests were aligned. They are also excellent about responding to any questions, big or small. I am simply saving up to be ready to invest in their next dead. A++.



If you’re ready to leverage commercial real estate to create long-term stability and generational wealth for your family, we’re here to help!

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